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오늘의 실전 RC문제
The fragrance company has decided to release its new perfume a week earlier to ------- with their tenth anniversary.
(A) coincide
(B) comprise
(C) entail
(D) encompass
오늘의 실전 LC문제
I don't believe the senior staff hasn't been introduced to the new hire yet.
(A) Yes, I've met her a few times.
(B) Can you arrange a meeting?
(C) There have been many qualified applicants.
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미, 연말연시 할인행사 앞당겨 진행 예정

미국의 대표 할인마트 체인점인 월마트(Walmart)와 타겟(Target)이 올해 연말 쇼핑 할인 행사를 앞당겨서 진행할 예정입니다. 이는 최근 급격하게 상승하고 있는 물가 때문인데요. 치솟는 물가에 부담을 느껴 쉽게 지갑을 열지 않을 미국 시민들을 의식한 것입니다. 전문가들은 연말연시 매출이 작년의 16퍼센트 성장률에 못 미치는 4퍼센트에서 7퍼센트 사이일 것으로 예측하고 있습니다. 연말에 더 치솟을 물가에 대비하여 많은 쇼핑객들이 미리 연말연시 휴일을 위한 쇼핑을 할 것으로 기대되고 있습니다. <br>

오늘의 영어회화 학습
어떤 음식을 어떻게 대접할 것인지는 거기서 처리할거예요.
They’ll take care of what food to serve and how to serve it.
오늘의 한 줄 명언
The only greatness for man is immortality.
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What is Gross National Happiness?

The concept of “Gross National Happiness” was introduced by Bhutan’s Dragon King, named Jigme Singye Wangchuk. It uses Buddhist spiritual values as means to building an economy that is in line with Bhutan’s culture. The philosophies of GNH veer away from material development measured by a country’s gross domestic product (GDP). The philosophies are sustainable development, preservation and promotion of cultural values, conservation of the natural environment, and establishment of good governance. Currently, Bhutan is the only country that officially uses GNH wherein a Gross National Happiness Commission is in charge of policy resolutions and distribution of resources. Although the concept originated from South Asia, it has evolved with the help of many international modern scholars, economists, and politicians. The United Nations has officially adopted this concept as a program in the achievement of global development in July 2011. From a philosophy, GNH became a socioeconomic development framework that gained the attention of many scholars and economists due to its focus on people’s happiness and life satisfaction. The philosophies of GNH are indeed timely and much-needed in a fast-paced world. However, many people still find it problematic due to its strong emphasis on spiritual and cultural aspects rather than economic development. For this reason, many policy makers and economists struggled to accept GNH because of the subjectivity of “happiness.” In contrast to GDP, GNH is more difficult to express numerically. To address this challenging aspect of GNH, a GNH Index was made. However, Bhutan has its own model for its GNH Index. The GNH Index adopted by international scholars consists of seven dimensions: economic, environmental, physical, mental, work, social, and political. Some areas that are subjective such as the wellness areas are measured using both quantitative and qualitative data. Each of the seven dimensions is rated from zero to ten, wherein zero means very dissatisfied, five means neutral, and ten means very satisfied. Additionally, the survey also asks the following questions: What are the top positive things in your life that make you happy? What are the top challenges and causes of stress in your life? What would you advise your government to increase your well-being and happiness? What are the most influential city, state, federal or international projects? How are they negatively or positively impacting your well-being and happiness? Although the GNH Index is relatively comprehensive, it is still being criticized because of its tendency to be unreliable due to varying responses from people across genders, cultures, and other personal factors. In fact, it has become a controversial avenue for socioeconomic debate because in its simplest form, implications of the GNH unintentionally ask the question: What is more important, money (GDP) or happiness (GNH)?

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오늘의 실전 텝스 풀기 학습
Before we arrived in Paris, my sister Kelly and I _______ expecting to see people wearing berets.
오늘의 실전 텝스 어휘 학습
j (고기를) 큰 덩어리로 자르다
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오늘의 실전 토익스피킹 학습
What are the reasons that you use the Internet?
오늘의 실전 오픽 학습
Please tell me what types of appliances you have in your kitchen and living room. Describe in as much detail as possible.
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오늘의 공무원 어휘 학습
답: 정답1, 정답2
  • momentum
    1. ① 탄력
    2. ② 허가증
    3. ③ 등록부
    4. ④ 당뇨병
  • grope one’s way
    1. ① 손으로 더듬어 나아가다
    2. ② 시험 삼아 사용해 보다
    3. ③ ~을 그만두다
    4. ④ 털어놓다
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[공무원] 공무원 문법 무료강의

[공무원] 공무원 독해 무료강의
오늘의 공무원 문법 풀기

1. 다음 문장 중 어법상 옳은 것은? 

① The test proctor is notthe professor and a teacher’s assistant. 

② The woman which left herumbrella works in my department. 

③ However long the worktakes, our objectives must be achieved. 

④ That the course is aboutis described on the university website. 

○① ○② ○③ ○④

2. 어법상 밑줄 친 곳에 가장 적절한 것은 

I didn’t hear the alarm clock go offthis morning, so I must have forgotten __________ the alarm last night.



tohave been set

tobe set 

○① ○② ○③ ○④
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